Public and humanitarian aid to the representative of the commando sport style in Turkey and the international light inspector to the people affected by the earthquake

The representative of the commando sport in Turkey and the international light inspector, along with Arman Bey, the head of tourism in Turkey, and Sheikh Hamid, the hotel owner in Dubai, provided a lot of help to the people affected by the earthquake.

Mohammad Reza Heydari Herestani, the representative of Commando Sports in Turkey and the International Lightweight Inspector, said in an interview with the Lightweight News Agency in the country: This morning, March 7, 2017, during successive and decisive calls, the head of the Commando Sport Commando Mr. Ms. Zahra Ghasemi spoke about the importance of helping the earthquake-stricken people, and we delivered several Nissan items, including foodstuffs, heating appliances, as well as sanitary ware, along with new clothes, especially for women and children, to the earthquake-stricken people.
He said: “Sisakht is one of the provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces, one of the provinces of Iran, where there was an earthquake a while ago, and the people of that region were affected by this sudden disaster this winter with their women and children. Fortunately, we were able to help.” Let’s do it small though.
He noted: “This was the second time in a week that we did our best to help the dear people of the region. This aid was not alone, and with the support and assistance of our friends, Mr. Arman, irresponsible for tourism in Turkey and the Sheikh.” Hamid was a hotelier in Dubai.
He continued: “When we were distributing items among the zealous and warm-hearted people of that area, we came across a scene where we lost our tiredness. The kind people of that area, especially the athletes, thanked us for wearing our combat uniforms and a moral coach We respected sports and made us proud to have a souvenir photo together.
In the end, he pointed out: “Although this work was done far from any expectation and was only to help, but we were appreciated and thanked by the mayor of the area, Ms. Rostami and their trustee, Mr. Farhadi, and the warm-hearted and kind people who It makes us proud

Public Relations of the Commando Sports Martial Arts Federation of the Federation of Martial Arts Associations

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